Life is an amazing journey.  Being able to keep it firm and smooth is important despite all ups and down. The memories that we carry are lifelong and have lots of value. We are the treasure of all memories. The noble truth about life is that it’s full of unexpected things and beyond imagination. As we have great saying, “Life is like riding bicycle, to stay balanced you must keep moving”. Life was never simple as I thought. Many circumstances occur that we never imagine of. But yes, its life. Indeed we need to accept it and move forward. However the support we get from our near and dear can never be forgotten.

The person today is consequences of all situations that came across.  Whether it’s good or bad, we live on it. Falling down and breaking down is not new thing but getting up and moving is important. There are possibilities that we may face more difficulties in life than good moments. However living within and getting over is the real value of life. The value of brightness over darkness, victory over defeat can never be denied.

It takes both rain and sun to grow beautiful flowers. It takes both light and dark to grow a strong you. Some of the journey I took was my choice but most of them led by the situations.

Indeed, life is not only about the hindrances we face. It’s full of opportunity and excitement. We should never lose that spark within.

The journey till today has taught me a lot. It has given me strength to tackle every kind of situation beautifully. I am kind to those who supported me in my every situation. I even thank those who made me tackle hard that made me more stronger. This blog is about the excitement I went through in my life and the journey I am taking.



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